Julian Alonzo

Chef Julian Alonzo brings a truly global culinary perspective and over two decades of industry experience to Starr Events and the New York Botanical Garden. A New York City native, Julian began his culinary career at 16 with an internship at renowned restaurant Montrachet while enrolled in City-As-School. Inspired by the precision of Chef David Bouley’s kitchen, Julian attended the French Culinary Institute and was later named “Alumni Chef of the Year”. During his time, Julian honed his skills at both La Caravelle and Maxim’s under Chef David Ruggiero. After graduation, Julian continued his culinary education abroad, rigorously perfecting French technique at Guy Savoy in Paris and exploring global flavors in Martinique and Ixtapa. Julian returned to New York four years later to cook in some of the most inventive and prestigious restaurants in the city including at Brasserie 8 ½, which was lauded for its vibrant, contemporary menu created during Julian’s tenure as Executive Chef.

After receiving praise from Crain’s New York Business and an invitation to cook at the James Beard Foundation, Julian undertook a new challenge: bringing innovative restaurant-inspired fare to the world of catering and special events. At the helm of the Neuman’s Kitchen, Julian brings his New American approach of locally sourced, globally inspired fare to the New York catering scene.

Stephen Starr Events opened Hudson Garden Grill in 2015, the first full-service restaurant for the Botanical Gardens, seats up to 200 people in peak season. Chef Julian not only performs his duties as executive chef for the restaurant, but is also the regional chef overseeing all the food venues, cafés, trucks and catering in New York Botanical Gardens and additional venues around the city. He is constantly on the move and shifting gears, but still committed to ensuring a great experience for every place.

After he left Starr being his regional Chef he wanted his next place of work to be even more special. After several months of searching for what he thought was best for his career Alonzo found Google, (restaurant associates manages Food at Google). After many many interviews, presentations, tastings, he was offered the job as Regional executive Chef, he oversees NYC which feeds 8000 Googlers daily, Reston Virginia, and Washington DC. Google focuses on, “plant forward eating”, “better for you better for the planet”, “In pursuit of Deliciousness” and is a progressive forward thinking company especially when it comes to food. Google is growing fast worldwide and are currently in the process of building out 3 more sites in NYC, by 2020 they will be feeding 20k Googlers, Julian hopes to make an impact in the search of delicious foods and creative forward thinking.