Stefano LaCava

Born of Italian heritage in New York, New York
Stefano started his tour of duty at a very young age tied to his grandma Jennies apron.
The Family Bakery and local pork store keep him busy, but motivated him at both of this family run businesses
After earning a hotel and restaurant degree in NYC
Studied Classic French Cuisine specifically Escoffier.
After earning an exclusive externship to Innsbruck, Austria.

My first position was working with a world famous kitchen brigade

A November issue of People Magazine showcasing Joanna’s Restaurant 18 E 18th Street
Under the leadership of executive chef Daniel Moriarty from PaulPrudhomme’s famous NOLA K-Paul brigade.
The “A” list and photo of young Chef Stefano included the glamour smile of Elizabeth Taylor’s entourage. Along with mega TV stars and rock stars across the continental globe.
He honed his Italian skills under the guidance chef consultant Ann Rosensweig formerly of the 21 Club fame.
As executive sous chef at “Gianni’s” South Street Sea port.
He was assigned many different duties working inside all seven restaurants among this groups large portfolio.
While famed Rothschild family member Gianni Utzelli hosting this organizations quest to corner the marketplace in all corners of Manhattan.

After seven years of assisting the corporate of that group we all relocated. We all courted a landmark project where we trained with U.S. Culinary Olympic team for a tryout as a team members.This team was awarded a two gold medals that year in the restaurant group completion’s. Stefano earned an alternate spot on the national team assisting his female associate to eventually challenge the Malaysian teams and defeat them.

Contracted for an executive chef’s position for Loews’s Paradise Island, Bahamas.
The prestigious groups guest list was to preform private chef services to include Prince Rainer of Monaco and Princess Stephanie.

After returning to Florida from several years of tasting the International jet set crowd.
Stefano was asked to work on special events such as the
Summit of the America’s at the Biltmore Hotel and several president Clintons. Fundraisers.
Chef LaCava helped coordinate over his food service career three NFL properties Super Bowls events to include international press cores.
After achieving success in restaurants, exclusive clubs , hotels and landmark events this chef became committed to launching his own consulting company the “Miami Scene Food Group” LLC.

Eden Roc Hotel was re- created with all its glory.
A new Fresco Style restaurant was added to this landmark property.
The reviews where golden remarks “ A Consummate match “ according to a new times article featuring two “ Make a Wish” foundation events that year.

The rewards where great, taking care of special clients like Oprah Winfrey, Mick Jagger and gamut of who’s who of charity events.
South Beach Food Festival became home for many reasons.
But for this chef “It is his true love and the way he get to shares his love with the world.”
His true passion and talent shined thru best recently as a former partner of Town Kitchen
New Times quoted his “Global American Cuisine is Pop Music to the Palate”.
Town kitchen was awarded best new restaurant in South Miami New Times best of 2007 only under his supervision.

Chef Stefano was elevated to executive banquette chef at Barton G in Miami.
Our teams was featured on Top Chef Miami on the Bravo network.
We also participated in the second episode of “Behind the Bash” with host and celebrity culinary personality Giada De Laurentiis of the TV food network fame.

He was asked to write a chapter for book regarding his “Food for the Soul “spa recipes available as co-author in recent book published that year.
Titled. “Everyday Grace, Everyday Miracle” Living the life you were born to live. .
Composed by author and former CNN correspondent Lorna Owens. Chef has served as aboard member on her “Footprint” foundation raising money for the woman in the Congo.

As a true culinary warrior and personality chef Stefano LaCava is currently enjoying the rewards of a long successful relationships with wine associates. He has even just enjoyed a cameo appearance in a current international wine movie “The Duel of Wine” starring long time associate and wine personality Charlie Arturaola .

Most recently his passion for cuisine and his long time associates has connected him to serve on a team focused to assist one more presidential candidate now serving our country in the white house. His passion for his clients has just appointed him as a board member to a landmark ongoing project.

Our key to success at the Miami Scene Food Group has been a list of high profile, diplomatic client with varied needs and there privacy regarded with the highest degree.

Wishing you the best culinary regards always.